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Tech Neck™

Line Smoother

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Swipe left on neck lines.

Here’s the deal – all that texting, swiping, scrolling and the repetitive motion of looking down at your phone throughout the day can actually cause premature neck lines. Not a good look.

TECH NECK™ line smoother is a lightweight serum and on-the-go massage roller that glides on gently to instantly firm and smooth skin. Tech Neck not only reduces the look of horizontal lines but also fortifies skin to resist new lines.

  • Instantly firm and smooth away neck lines
  • Fortify skin against tech neck
  • Uber portable, perfect for use after binge sessions


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How to Use

  1. Turn applicator to ON position
  2. Squeeze tube to release serum and roll gently over neck
  3. Turn applicator to OFF
  4. Massage product into skin with an upward motion
  5. Use AM + PM

Key Ingredients


NIA-114™: patented molecule fortifies and protects skin against the impact of lifestyle stressors


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