Do you offer free samples?

Unfortunately, we do not offer samples at this time.

Are your products tested on animals?

Nia does not test its products on animals, or ask others to test on our behalf. 

Do you products contain parabens?

Ew, no! All Nia products are formulated without parabens, mineral oils, or petrolatum. They are all non-comedogenic.

Can all skin types use Nia?

Yes, Nia products are for all skin types.

Are the products safe to use when pregnant or nursing?

Congrats on the little one… you’ll definitely want to check out Fake Awake for those sleepless nights! While there are no contraindications for use for any of our products, it is recommended to consult your physician prior to using any new product.

What is the shelf-life of the products and can you extend it with refrigeration?

While the products don’t have a formal expiration date, the recommended shelf-life of all Nia products is 3 years from manufacture. The Period After Opening (PAO) is also listed on each package and ranges from 6-24 months. With exception of Fake Awake Triple Action Eye Gel, we do not recommend placing products in the refrigerator.

Why sign up for emails?

Why not? It’s a super easy way to stay up to date on all things Nia. Plus, we only send e-mails when it's really important, so you don’t have to worry about us blowing up your inbox.

Can I get Nia products internationally?

Nia is not yet available internationally, but shoot us an e-mail if you are interested in carrying Nia in a particular country. Merci, Gracias, Grazie…