About Nia

because we're into healthy-looking,
glowing skin...not into aging.

about us...

nia is a fresh, focused approach to skincare, made for the changing world and the people who are changing it. Our products are the ultimate collab between our patented technology and the most innovative, next gen, skin-loving ingredients. We’re backed by science and some serious lab credentials and we’ve put all of that into a capsule collection that protects against daily stressors for healthy-looking, glowing skin . . . no matter what.

we're about you...

We see you. And we know how external factors like lifestyle and the environment affect your skin. Life as we know puts skin in some super stressful situations that can break down the skin barrier and steal your natural glow - things like not getting enough sleep or getting too much tech. But whether you’re making moves or powering down, we’ve got you covered.

skincare matters

nia makes it easy to take good care of your skin. That means giving it what it needs to be its best. The skin of your future depends on how you care for it today, and we’re here to help you put your best face forward.

Nia Skincare

undeniably good stuff

We all want to look our best,
but we also know it’s what’s inside that counts.
That’s why our products are cruelty free, paraben
free and suitable for all skin types.

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meet the molecule

nia was born in a university research lab, when the NIA-114™ molecule was discovered.
Called a miracle molecule, NIA-114™ is proven to strengthen the skin barrier and
help get more out of other ingredients. This molecule is in every nia formula
and is the secret to healthy-looking, glowing skin.

Love notes

Nia Skincare

Comments about Fully Charged™ Serum x Moisturizer:

This product is SO amazing. I have acne prone skin and this not only does not cause me to break out, but it soothes, calms, and diminishes my blemishes overnight. It works really well under makeup and it is so lightweight, that you won't realize you're wearing it. My skin looks radiant and I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin's overall texture. My boyfriend commented saying, "Wow! Your skin feels almost... buttery"- without my prompting haha. Cannot recommend more highly!
- TheTruthSarasota, FL

Nia Skincare

Comments about Glow On Demand™ Energizing Illuminator:

I was a little skeptical about the Glow On Demand Energizing Illuminator at first because I didn't see the point it wearing it. But after giving it a shot I really have to say that the product is AMAZING! I love putting this on right after I wash my face so that it brightens up my skin for my makeup. This makes your skin look glowing, and it brightens up your skin so fast.
- Bella Columbus, OH

Nia Skincare

Comments about Wash + Glow™ Hydrating Cleansing Foam:

I have been looking for a foaming cleanser that works for my dry skin for a long time. I think I finally found it. The cleanser is gentle, smells nice, and removes all residual makeup. I use it only at night and follow it with my normal serum and moisturizer. I plan to repurchase when I run out.
- Rachel Keizer, OR